University of Debrecen Admission Requirements for International Students

Learn about University of Debrecen admission requirements for international students. Start your journey to quality education in Hungary.

Minimum Requirements: High School Diploma

Who Can Apply?
■ Current Grade 12 or high school students in their last year of education. The requirement of the high school diploma is for the registration period only.
■ Students attending University undergraduate programs
■ University graduates

medicine course

Required Documents:
The list of documents required for application to our programs is as follows:
Scanned copy of high school diploma, school certificates, academic transcripts and detailed course descriptions of previous studies. (All documents must be officially translated into English if necessary.)
Proof of English language proficiency in case of applicants from countries where the official/native language is not English (optional)
Copy of passport
Short CV
Medical certificate of general health status
Application fee of 150 USD (non-refundable)
Examination/Entrance fee of 350 USD (non-refundable)

■ No University Degree is required for application
■ No MCAT is required for application

Entrance Examination

Foreign students can be admitted into the English Program of the Medical School if they meet the entrance examination requirements.
The exam consists of two parts:
■ Written test from either Biology and Physics or Biology and Chemistry (multiple-choice questions, definitions, calculations, etc. – 30 min). Note: if your chosen subject is Chemistry, essentially the test will contain questions from Chemistry, and you will have to answer only a few basic level Physics questions, and vice versa.;
■ Oral exam in two subjects; either Biology and Physics or Biology and Chemistry: Please download the Topics of the Entrance Examination.
The language of the entrance examination and interview is English.
Please feel free to visit our Facebook page for updates about the examination dates.

How to Apply?

1. Download and complete the Application Form.
2. Submit your application (via registered mail, e-mail, or fax), along with your transcripts and other documents explained in the application checklist. Official transcripts are not initially required for admission; however, they are necessary prior to registration.
3. In case your application is accepted, the applicant will then have to sit for the entrance examination and an interview for both high school graduates and college/university graduates.
Kindly contact us for the dates of the entrances examination and interview. Should you require help filling out your application, please do not hesitate to contact us too. We will be glad to assist you in all of your queries.

For students who wish to transfer from Medical Universities have to sit for an entrance interview before the Committee’s final decision is out. The personal interview will be an essential part of the transfer procedure.

New applicants have to submit any subject exemption request together with the application documents. It will not be possible any more to submit any kind of exemption request after registration. If one fails to declare the previous studies then the applicant loses the right to apply for subject exemptions, and he/she has to attend all the subjects specified by the curriculum.

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